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Flutter Nested ListView Issues

I’ve had an issue with nested ListViews in Flutter and I think you’ll find it useful if you haven’t written complete Flutter apps yet but just learning

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How To Create A Flutter Toast Plugin

Sometimes you’d want to use native platform API’s but Flutter does not let you do it, or maybe you even want to use libraries from Android and iOS that achieve a similar goal. All of this is possible by creating Flutter plugins

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Flutter Circular Reveal With Progress Button

As promised in the previous post, today I’m going to implement a circular reveal in Flutter. This was one of the first animations I learned how to create on Android and I totally love it

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Flutter Progress Button Animation

Let’ continue learning Flutter animations, now I’m going to implement a very common animation – progress button

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Flutter Canvas Animations

Continuing to learn Flutter, in this post you’re going to learn how to animate Flutter widgets with canvas

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Flutter Tic Tac Toe pt 3. Invites with FCM, Firebase Multiplayer

Hi, this is the final part of Flutter Tic Tac Toe series. Today we’re going to implement invites with FCM and a multiplayer game with Firebase

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Flutter Tic Tac Toe pt 2

Hey, in this part we’re going to implement Google sign in, save user to Firebase database and finally fetch and display the list of all users

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Flutter Push Notifications With Firebase Cloud Messaging

Hey, let’s continue working on Flutter Tic Tac Toe app. Today I wanna dedicate the whole post about Flutter Push Notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

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Android Provider Authority Conflict

Recently I faced an interesting bug which most of you might’ve never heard of. Android does not allow to have a provider with the same authority installed on different apps

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Flutter Tic Tac Toe pt 1 Single Mode With AI

Some of you might’ve heard about the Flutter framework by Google for cross-platform mobile development, It was officially introduced a year or two ago. At that time I didn’t believe in cross-platform apps. Until now

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