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Who I am

As a self-taught developer I acknowledge the tremendous amount of work by your own that you have to do. Nobody’s going to push you forward, if you give up,  nobody will motivate you. Some guys don’t even have any programmers in their friend circle, which is weird, right? There’s programmers everywhere! And I feel a great enthusiasm from people who don’t have a Computer Science degree, but have some deep thoughts about switching to software development, when I tell them my story. They see themselves, realizing it’s actually POSSIBLE

That’s really great and I always love to hear and follow those kind of success stories, a true ‘Will-Power’ type of persons. And I feel like blogging is a way to reach much more people.

My Secret

By the way, if you’re total beginner,  there’s nothing better than Udacity to learn this stuff. It’s a practice-focused kind of learning which will give you a strong base from where you can go on your own. And by the way,  the amount of information/course lengths is amazing!. I owe then so much for the skills that I have. The second resource would be Codecademy, it doesn’t have those big courses like Udacity offer, but practice-focused as well, which is the most important for beginners. Wait, what? For EVERYBODY!

So I’m starting this blog where we going to talk about Android development and more. We’re going to get deep into stuff like Data Binding, Custom Animations, Layouts, Templates and more. These are the areas where I myself feel like have so much to learn and there’s nothing better then a cycle of learn –> practice –> teach. So we’re going to go through lot’s of stuff together. Definitely there’s so much about basics of Android like Life Cycle, that actually feels like advanced, because you don’t pay much attention about it in the beginning. We will talk about why you shouldn’t abuse Shared Preferences and use SQLite, it’s actually pretty simple to use.  Best practices about networking, how I fetch and store data.

If you’re total beginner in programming, experienced Java developer or working with Android before – there’s gonna be plenty of new stuff to learn here.

There’s a lot I want to write about. I will start with one blog post every Monday and keep it consistent for a few months or more and then make more frequent posts. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

My name is Ihor Klimov and Welcome to My Hexaville!

About the Author Ihor Klimov

Formerly an Android developer, lately picked up some Flutter. This blog is everything that I find exciting about Android and Flutter development. Stay tuned and hope to see you again!