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Android Look Up For New Library

Android Look Up For New Library

Hey, there’s an easy way to automatically update your dependency libraries to the latest version. Just replace a number with plus and you’ll get latest library version. But that’s not recommended because you can build your release APK with a different library version than you were testing, which can cause issues. Today we’ll look how to keep your libraries up-to-date in a controlled way.

Lint is a great tool, it gives us hints that there’s a new library, but it only works for Google libraries that you downloaded. Like all the support libraries. But what about third party ones? Pretty simple to do!

First you need to enable new library inspection in settings. Go File -> Settings -> Editor -> Inspections -> Newer Library Version Available. And enable it

Android Look Up For New Library

And then Analyse -> Run Inspection By Name… -> Newer Library Version Available. Run it and you’ll get library newer versions in there any.

That’s a pretty handy lint check. Especially when you have tons of libraries. You don’t wanna go all over the GitHub or jCenter checking for new versions. Let Lint do all the work for you!


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