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How To Reach Your Goals in Half the Time Your Think Possible

Reach Goals Fast

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Hello there! Ok, today is a first non technical post about my strategy I use to achieve goals. Achieve them fast. I’m not going to pretend like I achieve all of my goals, not even a half! But lately I found a strategy that works incredibly great for me, I’ve never felt getting results like this before.

Before I was playing around, doing this, starting that, another, one more and more. Is it called ADD? I don’t know or care, but it led to lack of self-esteem. Heck, don’t matter how much different stuff you do, if you suck in all of it.

If you’re think you don’t reach half of your goals – keep reading and learn my secret, otherwise you’re doing just great.

Put Yourself on the Edge

The first thing that made a shift in my mindset was getting into trouble. Like real problem when you scared as hell. Whether it’s financial, success of your whole life etc.

Why? Because we tend to put ourselves into comfort zone. And ‘comfort’ not for wealth and happiness, but adopting to shitty circumstances and finding good in them. No matter how shitty it becomes in the end. I know it, because I know bunch of people who lives gets worse and worse year after year. And what do they do? They adopt! They lower the bar time after time, making new comfort zone despite it sucks.

Hope it’s not too abstract, I don’t want to get into personal details. But what helped me a lot to realize I should act and act bold and fast is getting into the position where I knew how to make money, but I hated that job. So much that I convinced myself never to go back to it.

So what I put myself is to the state where it was a super simple choice – whether I get my life in order or become a failure. This brings lot’s of motivation!

Just try to quit the job that you hate and when you feel like running out of money you’ll start thinking about your real goals.

Choose a Niche

I don’t know how many of you focused on one thing only. Based on the past experience of starting things, but never completing them I knew, that I should really focus. First of all, if you focus on just one thing, it’s way more chances that you succeed.

Let’s translate it into software development. I primarily do only Android development, but started with learning C++, then Java, then HTML, CSS… And there was a year between I started learning C++ and when I decided to focus only on Android.

In the perfect universe you’d say that it’s not a time wasted, but the reality is different!That’s when I realized – I hated being a beginner. Would you want to be a beginner or ninja guru?  That’s exactly what was happening when I was learning all the different stuff.

Learning how to create Hello world server, web site, ruby app, Android app… Sure, you can be really advanced in few areas when you have a few years behind, but in the beginning, to jump in really quickly – focus is everything. And I was getting results not in months or years, but in weeks.

Reward Yourself

The most important was a sense of accomplishing something at least once a week. In order to do so, I set super small milestones. It can go for every kind of activity, not just software development. You need to feel like accomplishing something from the very beginning, not after months of watching videos/reading tutorials.

The longest time I was stuck in something was 3 days and it felt like forever. Always move quickly and get results as fast as possible. If stuck for time that’s feeling like too long for you, for me it’s about a week  – then skip it and return later.

Get Overwhelmed

The moment when you feel comfortable, most likely you’re not putting yourself to the edge. On the other side, when you feel like it’s impossible to learn/do all that stuff – when you pass through that, you’ll learn like crazy.

And what I found useful in this exercise in not worrying about details too much. There’s always some stuff that’s unknown, there’s always more and more details. It’s impossible to learn details of every new thing that your learn, so don’t worry.

I found myself learning way faster first using the thing and then actually going through the details of how it work. That’s exactly how you learn how to drive a car. If it’s Android development – just start writing an app right away, don’t take bunch of courses. Google search and StackOverflow will fill in your gaps in knowledge

Track Yourself

And last, but not least – tracking your progress. I was always feeling like I worked so much and at some point I decided to check if I was really putting all those hours a day I was thinking I did. This tool changed the whole perception of myself. It is not just that it makes you more productive, because of the small brakes. Those short brakes make you work 14 hours a day straight without getting tired! Trust me!

It’s just that it is great knowing the actual number of hours you put every day. Because when the pomodoro start ticking – your conscience tells you : ‘there’s no time for distraction, you can’t go web serfing’, otherwise you’re not keeping your bargain. And don’t complain when you’re not seeing results you wished that you get.

This tool helped me boost productivity like hell and get results even faster then before. Extremely suggest you use it!


So if there’s just one thing I want you to take from this post,  that’s this one : choose a direction and stick to it! Not for just few days or weeks, but many many months. Don’t look back or to the left, right, just do everything to get results fast. Even quit other activities to put more hours in to you main one

Alright, I hope you find it useful, if so – let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe, follow me on Facebook, G+, Twitter and share with friends if you think they will benefit from it!