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Technology vs Programming Lanugages

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I’ve been having those thoughts for a long time about how technology (SDK’s, libraries) more important than languages. Yes, programming languages are part of technology, but it helps to separate those

Although it’s hard to do so because they so deeply related. And in most cases when you think of SDK’s you imagine particular language with it. Really I saw it with Kotlin and Java in Android, if you’ve been developing for Android for more than three months then it’s probably just a matter of one day for you to learn Kotlin and switch completely to it

Because learning Android SDK takes much more time that Java/Kotlin syntax. And I’m not talking about console kind of Java knowledge, this is JDK already, more just a syntax.


Same goes for XML, it has the simplest syntax, but still it takes a while to learn how to build layouts that you want. Because XML is just a declaration of Android layouts. What is FrameLayout, Relative, their attributes etc. Which makes including XML as your skill in resume basically stupid.

I know how to open/close angle brackets and put text in quotes in between

but we all understand in what context XML is used of course, creating Android layouts.


Plus with great IDE’s from Jet Brains 50% of the time you don’t need to know language syntax, it will point you to errors, especially with compiler.

Programming languages are easy to learn, it’s more like an alphabet in real language even. Without knowing any words (libraries) you can’t do anything. That’s why you can learn HTML, CSS syntax in one hour, but you’ll still need much more time to create web pages. You need to understand what each tag mean and with CSS you need to understand each attribute.

If it seems too crazy, then look at this from this point, just like with Kotlin, you can change syntax of any language, but in the end it will do the same. Because set of rules (attributes, logic etc) is the same. Web developers probably more familiar with this

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