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Android Find A Bug

android find bug game

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From my experience the best learning is when 95% of it is practice. That’s what they have at Udacity, the best educational system that I’ve ever seen. With all the love to it I decided to make a find-a-bug game

You can call it a dev game, where task is to fix a bug. Have always wanted to do something like that and if you guys like it – tell me I’ll definitely do more like that. There’s so infinite number of ideas I have. Basically every topic, api can be presented as a fix-a-bug game which makes learning fun and easy. So how this is gonna work is you download GitHub repo run app, find, fix bugs and if confused – google the issue, by doing this you learn a lot.


First task is going to be about very basics like RecyclerView, CoordinatorLayout, styles and Glide. That’s what you should get after fixing all bugs

android find bug game

And what you have in the beginning

android find bug game

If you don’t know how to fix some bugs, that’s the perfect place to learn, StackOverflow is all you need. As I mentioned, there’s few different areas you’ll need to fix, for the most part it’s just a matter of one line. And those are the most common bugs I was facing in the beginning, especially with styles.


So GiHub repo is here, master branch is for tasks, solution branch is what it sounds. Use it only if completely desperate, those bugs should be quite easy to find solution on Google. In the future there’s going to be harder bugs for different stuff. Which I think is a great way to learn, you don’t have to implement the whole thing, learn from what’s there and by fixing bugs/implementing missing features.

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Use those references if don’t know much about RecyclerView, CoordinatorLayout, styles

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