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Android Guitar app

android guitar app


I decided to start making apps that actually do something for tutorials. This first one is going to play distorted guitar sounds from your input.

FL Studio -> Android Studio

I used FL Studio to export Slayer single notes for two octaves and added guitar-like tabs to play each one with Media Player. A friend of mine makes fantastic songs in this piece of software, you can play live instrument there from a keyboard as well. So I wanted to see how it would look/feel like on Android touch screen.

Feedback is crap (delay from click to attack). Maybe need to play around with FL settings before export first. But you can use it for finding a key of the song or chord progressions right from you phone or just play power chords and enjoy listening to them.

Slow tempo is definitely works better because of that horrible feedback. So don’t expect to be able to play post-hardcore on it!


UI is just TextViews now and you won’t be able to play with one finger. Touch screen takes it as a single touch even when you lean your whole finger over screen.

I just got an idea to implement right hand by taping on the back of the phone. This one was in one game up there, something about running fox.


Ok, you can get source code here. In next posts I’ll start making more realistic and compelling to most of the audience apps, like some games with online multiplayer. I think that could be interesting for many as a good introduction to app development and server code, because it’s important to know how to white some of it as well. Alright, don’t forget to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and share with friends if you thing they will benefit from it!