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Android 1. How It All Started

android 1

Next year it will be 10 years since first official release of first Android phone and we’ve recently got an Android O preview. So let’s look at the very beginning of the path

Back in 2008

Don’t know what were you doing in 2008, but I wasn’t much into software and mobile phones. That’s when first Android phone was released. Back then Nokia was the big thing, I still remember the feeling of hardware keyboard. Felt good. Look at this bad ass Nokia

android 1

And 2007 iPhone release changed the whole market. That’s the first Android phone prototype before 2007

android 1

and what was released in 2008, HTC Dream, first Android phone

android 1

Keyboard is hidden, like on some Blackberries, bigger screen. Back then it didn’t have any desert name.


Sure, it was long time ago, but what hardware was there?

Display: 3.2 in

CPU: 528 MHz

RAM: 192 MB

Storage: 256 MB + Micro SD 16 GB

Did You Have It?

Back then I had a Sony Ericson K800, totally loved it. I didn’t know anything about phones nor cared, for me phone was all about music and making calls. Desktop is always around so why do you need some smartphone?

Imagine the time when you’re on a bus and you don’t check your mail, watch YouTube etc. That was just ten years ago.


Mobile phones have never been super convenient for me, I’ll never get used for those ‘glassy’ feel keyboards, having some texture would be awesome. If there was some kind of adaptive screen material that expands when keyboard is open to give some texture feeling to keyboard, to feel buttons and becomes glassy slick when keyboard is closed – that would be awesome. That’s like a next level keyboard

Voice input is getting better, but we’re so used for non-speaking input already that giving it up is out of the question. So that semi-hardware keyboard I described above would be cool. And if we all start wearing smart glasses – traking eye movement to convert to swipe typing, like you have on G board would be nice as well

Android Software

Alright, back to Android 1, its software was pretty cool back then already, there were notifications, multitasking, widgets. And that’s the very fist version of Android!

Play Store has been there from the beginning, here’s some chart on number of apps. It doesn’t start in 2008, though Dec 2009 number in 16,000, so you could imagine what it was before that time.

android 1

It was long time ago, but still I got my first Android phone many years after. Tell me in comments when you got your first Android phone and what was it.

Also if you’re just getting started in Android development – this post might be interesting for you.

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