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Best Android Launcher

best android launcher

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One of the most popular Android launchers are default Google Now and Nova, and I found a launcher that’s way better in experience than those two!

Other Launchers

Nova is pretty customizable, but I’ve never found it  attractive. Google Now is just a default one, it has nice access to Google app by swiping left on the home screen, I kind of started to like this app, it gives a nice suggestions, although not always. The more you watch YouTube  – the more it gives some irrelevant YouTube suggestions

And there’s Pixel launcher which has this cool look and swipe down to access apps, access to Google Now with swipe left, but that’s basically it.

Btw, I don’t understand the country of availability of Pixel phones, look at it.

best android launcher

Is it based on previous Nexus 6p/5x users? Doesn’t seem like, I don’t think there’s many those in Puerto Rico.

The Best Thing Evie

I’ve been using Evie launcher for many months and it’s my favorite launcher so far. First of all, it has same access to all apps by swiping down as Pixel launcher


best android launcher

And the best thing – by swiping up on any tab you search for installed apps or on Google even with direct links to Play Store!

best android launcher

Even Google search widget doesn’t do in Play Store search like this. And if swiping up is too hard – you can just press on home button – same effect.

Latest Update

If you run Android Nougat – then you know about app shortcuts. Until the last few months those weren’t working on Evie, now they up and it’s great.


It has some basic customization like number of rows/columns, icon size, docker icons like on Pixel launcher. I personally don’t care about icon customization etc at all. For me the great flow is more important.

And if you like Google app with swipe – you can put it close to home button,  so it’s just as easy as swiping to the left on Google Now launcher, even easier

best android launcher


If you play a game of associations, with Evie – it’s search. Search made easy and the way it suppose to be. You can get it here.

Tell me in comments what you think about this launcher, what launcher you prefer


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