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How Environment Shapes Who You Are

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It’s hard to see a difference when living in the same environment, same town talking to same group of people. I found this leading nowhere unless you’re satisfied living like you do now

Think Different

Unless you’re 60 years old – getting into environment of people who do completely different things than you and live their lives differently will impact you. I think it goes from the very basics of how we learn – by imitating.

Of course you need to be open minded for changes, that’s why I mentioned age is one of the issues. Old people often appear to be stubborn and over confident in their way of life, but anybody can be stubborn.

So seeing people that live the life you want to live and starting to think like they do sounds like you value your own thought to nothing. But look at it as a new ideas, not selling yourself short

Environment Shapes You

Doesn’t matter how good a person you are – in bad environment you’ll get grumpy, toxic, negative person. Lying to yourself with

Good person will stay good in any situation

If you want to try it on a small scale – be a roommate with people you hate and look at yourself  and your thoughts after few months

Stop Living in the Comfort Zone

Comfort zone has nothing to do with good/bad, it’s a state where you comfortable in the state where you are. Mostly it’s has to do with poverty/low level of life. Because let’s face it – most people on this planet are poor/have low level of life.

And the terrifying state is when people are comfortable in there, which means they don’t even want any changes, nothing is going to improve

You Need To Feel It

Watching movies doesn’t give you the feeling of someone’s life, with time you kind of separate movies and real life. It’s rational, but sometimes they show real life.

I didn’t want to finish on negative note, so my advice if you’re young – go travel, in particular into some wealthier countries, better places to get a better perspective. If you’re living in a good country  – that’s great already

The other one – find people who live the life you want to live and the closer you’re to them the more of them you’ll pick up