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The Best Place To Start Software Dev Career

software developer career


Although software developer job is so close and easy to convert to remote and basically just work on some inhabited island in the Pacific with just requirement of Wi-Fi and electricity, everybody will agree – it’s not a great place to start a career. And actually many towns fall into this category

Small Towns

The problem here is obvious – there can be just that many companies to apply for in a small town. So why would you start a career there and then wine up about how hard it is to break into software or saying that

There’s no shortage of software developers

By the way, there will be always a shortage of experienced developers. Because the percentage of inexperienced will be growing and growing with coding getting more popular and easier to learn.

You can’t disagree that it’s at least 2x easier to get into software now than it was 10 years ago, what about 20? And when something gets easy – the competition growth. So it’s easy to learn to code now, but you get more competition in getting a job

So to get a first job without experience you can take few paths: ether apply for bunch of jobs, like most people do. And it’s not going to work out great, since there’s just about 10 new jobs popping up a month.

Or you could take some smarter way to get a job, but most of the people aren’t going to do it.


When you learn software development – everything there is in English, unfortunately there’s dozens of languages on this planet and it could be an issue.

It might seem that all software development companies would use English as their corporate language despite the native country language – unfortunately it’s not the case. From my experience – if you’re looking for English speaking job in non English native country – you miss out on moreĀ that 50% of the jobs.

And that’s the mistake I made, I underestimated the value of native languages to people even in one of the progressive countries.

Choose Smart

So to all self-taught developers or even CS graduates – there’s a shortage of experienced and smart developers. But you gotta get there first if you’re just getting started. So to get there smoothly and without much pain and confusion – choose a place where you start smart.

Don’t start in some city with just 50 companies. Or where there’s only outsourcing companies, those would ask a lot from you upfront in terms of experience.


Tell me about your experience of getting first/second jobs