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Why Software Doesn’t Necessarily Gets Better Over Time

software quality

I want to talk about software quality over time not only from a developer perspective, but from the user’s too. And at the common cases of quality screw ups on particular platforms

Everything Gets Better

This is total lie. Rational logic would suggest that everything gets better and better over time, right? Not with software obviously. Actually quality of software can be screwed up at any of its lifespan

Why does is happen? Is it because code base becomes so cluttered or because of fresh blood newbie developers at the company? I can’t tell for sure. The fact is it happens and happens for the best of companies

Few Cases

I remember Windows Skype client having huge issues few years ago. You had your own out-coming messages displaying as incoming unread with a notification badge

No read status sync between mobile/desktop clients and many many more. I haven’t used it as a primary messenger for a while, so I can’t tell its current desktop state

Facebook Messenger for Android got worse since about last 8 months. I don’t know if it has something to do with beta Android OS versions, but I have issues even with scrolling. I try to scroll up, but it takes me down all the time

There’s much more: sending GIFS in Messenger became impossible. Before it was simple and always worked. The list goes on and on


So what the h##k is the reason of all those major companies with super successful products screwing them up all the time?

The answer is FEATURES FEATURES FEATURES!!! New features, new designs. Especially designs, who is redesign meant for: users or somebody else? I bet not first ones. Users don’t really care about designs, even more – they don’t care about apps! Oooh! It’s a BottomBar-year, now everybody switch to BottomBar!

Apps are just for people to get stuff done and go on with their life. Same goes for new features. I mean you don’t need to invent new stuff – just copy Skype! Everything you need is there

Share screen – who else got it? Messenger haven’t got it yet. Edit your sent message – Messenger doesn’t have it. Although they keep coming up with new stuff that breaks what was working before

Keep It Great

So I understand that software world isn’t necessarily is what it might seem to be. Making the world a better place, all that BS. It’s a business and everybody tries to stay relevant, but they could keep they quality as well while attempting to stay relevant, right?


That’s my thoughts on quality and constant redesigns of popular apps out there

P.S. My software sucks as much and more x_X

About the Author Ihor Klimov

Formerly an Android developer, lately picked up some Flutter. This blog is everything that I find exciting about Android and Flutter development. Stay tuned and hope to see you again!