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Top 3 Blogging Mistakes

blogging mistakes

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I’ve been blogging for about 9 months so far and there’s few things I learned that I want to share with you. I’m not sure about how many of my readers have their own blogs, but it has its benefits and if you want to start doing it someday – check those few tips from me

Using WordPress Editor

Most likely you’ll pick WordPress for blogging, because it’s the most popular platform and it’s easy to setup. So there’s an editor for creating pages and it’s one of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever seen in my life

Generally you tend to trust cloud software, based on experience with different Google’s products etc. WordPress editor is software that broke my trust to software, especially to cloud one

Don’t get me wrong, there’s everything that you need in editor to create great blog posts. It’s just it’s unreliable as hell. Saving drafts automatically in background stopped for me since about first month of having a blog, which means unless you save it manually – you can easily loose hours of you work if you just close browser

Inserting code snippets can cause JavaScript errors which lead to stucking in this screen

blogging mistakes

From which you can’t go to your post and basically means you can’t save your post, hence loose hours of work again. Work around from this situation – open HTML editor in browser, find you post HTML and copy text, then create new post

This is definitely plugin/browser specific bug

Fell like “what the h$ll already?”. How about you finished writing your post in one seat, click publish, wait for few seconds to get some error with button that leads back to completely empty editor page? Yep, happened to me several times

Even saving draft isn’t safe, it reloads the whole page which means that somewhere in between anything could go wrong and your work is gone

So I hope you learned not to trust WordPress editor and use it with max caution or some offline editor

Not Keeping Consistency

I see so many great blogs that have posts one per month of completely vanished. Even if you subscribe to its feed, most likely you’ll forget about it because it’s not poping up often enough

That’s why I decided to publish three times per week, lately I started to go out of schedule and publish twice per week. I definitely need to take it back

So the best blogging feels when keeping to the schedule. If writing three times per week: I found writing on Friday, Saturday, Sunday the best. A post per day, so you don’t need to worry about then during the week and just publish, share

If you start to mess this schedule – everything tends to go worse and worse week after week, so keeping the same schedule is really important

Coming Up With Ideas Late

Many times I tend to come up with ideas just before writing posts and it [email protected] Mainly because I have other ideas in mind that I think are too hard to implement

Basically I can generalize two different programing post types: where topic is something I’ve done before and where it’s something I learn right before writing the post itself

Both can be equally interesting, but second type can have different difficulty, which makes some post ideas not really desirable to write, if I know that they will take me the whole day or more to learn the topic prior to writing it

So the best way to write three posts per week I found is coming up with ideas during the week and writing during the weekend

Remember, when I said blogging gives some benefits? Well, here’s one: that second type of posts where you learn stuff before you write. Because basically you can learn three different topics per week. Other that with blogging, I couldn’t make myself to learn any new stuff after getting a job. And on a job you don’t learn that much, actually


OK, that’s just my few tips, I’ll review them after a year of blogging and maybe tell more about why blogging is great! Don’t forget to subscribe to get more!

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Formerly an Android developer, lately picked up some Flutter. This blog is everything that I find exciting about Android and Flutter development. Stay tuned and hope to see you again!