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I Switched To Mac

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I wanted to post an update of me getting a Macbook pro. So why Macbook?


Primarily it’s just the looks, before I was using Linux/Windows PC laptop. Linux for work/programming, Windows for the rest

But it’s a regular PC laptop and all of them have one thing in common – they’re pretty ugly. Cheap plastic etc. For desktops looks don’t matter, you just see huge monitor in front of you and a keyboard, but laptop is something close and personal. Plus cheap plastic gets ugly looks pretty fast and you end up staring at an ugly piece of hardware all the time

Aluminium body looks great and ageless

Cheap Good Looks

The problem with PC laptops – that the good looking ones started to come out just recently. I’d say HP Spectre is one of the first ones that have some kind of a good look on all sides. Even though I find it too glamorous

Basically you have close to no choice of great looking PC laptops. Macbooks have beed around since long time ago. I bought a used of 2012 and it looks better than most of the new PC’s

Which means you can buy great looking laptop super cheap

But They All Same

Before I used to dislike Macbooks and their owners

Don’t you have any sense of uniqueness? You all have identical laptops!

And honestly it still bothers me, I mean how can this be normal, just rediculous to see people having same laptops. Apple should have 30 min different colors and shapes of Macbooks to just give some variety. Stickers help a bit. I’d be more than happy to buy some great looking metal PC laptop, if there was some choice there

There’s a Huawei Matebook, which looks very close to Macbook, but still I HP Spectre is one of the best looking PC laptops currently, not the 360 one, that one is ugly


What’s your take on laptops?


  • Tommy

    Yo. I agree that Macs have this Apple magic look and feel, materials are good also. But I think comparing it to budget pcs is not so fare. For the price you will pay for new Mac book pro you can buy more powerful PC with discrete video and you can choose between lots of options: there a thousand models from many manufacturers. It won’t have such stable OS like Macs have, but Windows is becoming better, Microsoft does a good job trying to make Windows simpler and more comfortable to use.

  • Andres Garcia

    My question is: Are you planing on learning and Developing for iOS?

    • Good question, little bit, I’m not as eager to learn new stuff as I was 2 years ago

      Do you write for iOS?

      • Andres Garcia

        No I do not do any iOS, nor willing to learn it.
        But I asked that question because to me it would be the only reason why I would get a Mac (to write for iOS).
        As far as performances and look are concerned, I buy decent Asus gaming PC and that’s fine with me.

  • Andres Garcia

    One thing not to forget here; which is the same whenever you are comparing an Apple product to something else; Compare a Mac with a PC of the same range.
    Too many people talk about iPhone being better than a Samsung phone, or Mac being better than PC. But they are comparing a high end device (Apple almost only does high end) with a low cost or middle range counterpart.
    I’m not saying it is you case aye. Quite the opposite actually.
    But that’s a point that I keep reminding again and again to people telling how much better Apple products are.
    Compare an iPhone with a Pixel, compare a Mac with a PC of $3000++

    • True, but still regarding looks I saw Dell XPS compared to MacBooks, it’s close in price. Still only back side is Ok

      That’s why I consider only HP Spectre a real decent competition for MacBooks as for looks

      Because there’s no other reason but looks for me in MacBooks. They just great to take out at a cafe and not being ashamed