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I’ve just received an email from Simple Programmer‘s newsletter titled I’d like to file a complaint. Basically from a guy with a typical looser mentality complaining about how hard it is to get a job/go through interview processes. And I liked John’s response so much!

Email Content

So the email from John was pretty brief, just quoting a guy in few sentences: he doesn’t like that he has to go through multiple interviews, take home tasks, on site interviews which take too much time and that’s for just one company

They don’t show enough respect for him and basically he should get a job immediately with one interview because he has many years of experience

So he wants to write a complaint to that company regarding how humiliated he feels and hopes they change their interviewing process or even get respect for him and hire him because of this complaint. Noticing how much guts he’s got to relate to this issue

Employer’s mindset

You might’ve guessed already what was John’s response

Don’t even try to do that!

So we all’ve been through interview processes and we all definitely faced this brick wall, just like John himself. But here’s why I believe everybody reading this should get the employer’s mindset

This might sound a bit odd, but I’ll try to explain it the way I can. Companies don’t work for universities from which you got a degree. Companies don’t work for the government. They don’t work for the universe. There’re here to make money for themselves

Hence companies don’t owe you jobs, nor do they owe the government to provide jobs for people. They can hire people or they can not hire them. They can put up ads and don’t hire anybody, whatever they want to

And John had passes the employee point long time ago. He knows what it is to have a business and hire people. That’s why I believe his opinion is so valuable here

Imagine you having a company and a task that you want to delegate to other person. You look for people, make sure they can do this job before hiring them. But some don’t like the way you test them. But the key question is who’s got the leverage? What leverage has an interviewee got? Unless he’s the only programmer on this planet – none

That’s why this complaining is so ridiculous. And getting hired is just a successful sale, there’s no such thing as companies obligated to hire people who match their requested skill sets or they get sued

Grow Some Balls

Now when you or somebody you know will try to complain about how hard it is to get a job in software development or anywhere else or how unfair the world is – just remind them how uncool it is to behave this way

I believe that complaining to somebody is a weakness. It’s a child’s way to request for anything, which an adult should never use. If you don’t like the circumstances you are – change them yourself or walk out of there


I hope you find my non-tech topics just as interesting and useful, because I believe they are as important and building a character is even more




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