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How To Fix Nexus 6p Bootloop EASY 2017 Ultimate Solution

nexus 6p bootloop fix

I have an 18 months old Nexus 6p and recently it went to a bootloop. You shouldn’t worry, there’s a solution to fix this issue and if you follow all the steps here – you’ll get your Nexus 6p running and it’s not going back to bootloop again



First of all, what is bootloop? Your phone turns off itself, then restarts, you see this Google logo

nexus 6p bootloop fix

It stays like this for few seconds, then goes black screen

nexus 6p bootloop fix

Stays like this for a while and then Google logo again and keeps repeating

Now I’m not going to show you the shortest way to fix Nexus 6p bootloop, but the correct way, the way that gets rid of bootloop for good!

Step 1 (Setup Computer)

First, you need to make sure you have ADB installed on your computer. If not – check this tutorial. Once done – to verify successful ADB installation – run just run adb in the terminal. Also, run fastboot command to check it as well. If they print some output rather than saying “command not found” – you’re good to go to the next step

Step 2 (Unlock Flashing)

While your 6p is in bootloop – hold power and volume down buttons for as long as it takes it to get to this screen, it’s called bootloader

nexus 6p bootloop fix

Now connect your phone to computer via USB cable and run fastboot flashing unlock

nexus 6p bootloop fix


Now check what result says. If it says that your device unlocked successfully – skip the next step. If it says no devices found – reconnect your phone and run again, but if it says that OEM unlock not allowed – go to the next step

Step 3 Optional (Unlock OEM in Android)

Now you’ll have to launch Android in order to allow OEM unlocking. You can do it by heating up your phone. Leave it in bootloop and put a working fan side of it for 10-20 minutes, as much as it takes to launch your Android

nexus 6p bootloop fix

It will launch eventually and when it starts – immediately open Settings. If you don’t have Developer options section at the bottom – open About phone and tap like 20 times on Build number until it says you’re a developer now (it will unlock Developer options for you)

Now go to Developer options and enable

nexus 6p bootloop fix

Now you might think

OK, so my 6p works, I’m done, am I?

Nope, it going to work for just few hours. Heating it up disabled few cores which allowed 6p to launch. Once it enables them back again – it will go to bootloop again, right while it’s normally functioning

Restart your phone, hold power and volume down buttons to go to bootloader screen and follow the instructions from Step 2 to unlock flashing

Step 4 (Check Android Version)

The patch that we’re going to install to fix your 6p is made for a particular build. I tried installing it on Oreo, Marshmallow, it didn’t work. We’ll need to get particular Nougat version. But first, let’s check your version

In bootloader with volume down button navigate to Recovery Mode and press power button to select it. Wait till you see an Android guy, then while holding power button click volume up button once and release all buttons

Refer to this short clip

What you need to look at is the third line from the top. If it starts with 7.1.2/N2G48B then you can skip next step. Otherwise – go to the next step

Step 5 Optional (Install Factory Image)

First, go to this site, click Nexus 6p at right and look for N2G48B. Click on link to download it

nexus 6p bootloop fix

Return back to the bootloader on your phone, connect it over USB to your computer. When download is done – open terminal, navigate to downloaded directory and if you’re on Mac – run this command sh

nexus 6p bootloop fix

On Windows, I believe you can just double click on flash-all.bat from Window Explorer

And wait till it installs this Nougat version on your phone and then restart it

Step 6 (Installing Patch)

OK, it’s the final step. Download N2G48B_4Cores.img. Note, that it has exact Android build version in it. That’s how I figured what factory image I needed to make it work properly

Go to the bootloader on your phone, connect it to a computer via USB. In terminal navigate to the directory where you downloaded .img file and run this command fastboot flash boot N2G48B_4Cores.img

nexus 6p bootloop fix

After it’s done – you’ll finally see Google circles joggling and your Android will start!


So what we basically did is disabled 4 out of 8 cores. It gets rid of bootloop but makes your 6p extremely slow. I constantly have launcher hanging, camera app hanging after taking picture up to the point where pictures aren’t saved and you lose them. Google Maps load slow, even browser is slow

So it’s like a cheap Samsung phone from 2013-2014 in performance, at least it works and you still have a nice display and a camera

Special thanks to xda post and Vermanucci from comments who suggested to heat up a phone


So here’s an update about my Nexus 6p. I went through all those steps, phone got extremely slow and unusable. So after a week I installed a custom kernel and overclocked CPU to max frequency (this step in not included here, only in YouTube video)

Just after few hours it went into bootloop and this time for good. I could open bootloader, but not Recovery Mode and running through all the steps again didn’t help

As there were no other way but to give it to actual experts and let them do a hardware level repair. My phone was 18 months old, so free 1 year repair from my store was expired, luckuly there was a 3 years warranty for cases like this

I gave it to them and hurray! One month later got it back working and running like before. Everything was reset to the way it was when I bought it – Marshmallow, 2015 kernel with all 8 cores running. And it was free of charge

That’s it, yey! My 6p is back, hope this time it will last for more than 18 months.


Ok, hope it helped you to fix your Nexus 6p bootloop! Also, my blog is about Android development if you are one – definitely check out the stuff I have here. Subscribe, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, G+ to get notified about new stuff from me


  • Surya p

    Thank you very much. My phone started working.

    • Great, how does it perform? Tell me if it goes to boot loop back again

  • Gourav Kalra

    can we update our device to android oreo now? without getting bootloop again?

    • Not yet, that 4 cores.img is available for Nougat as for now. When it’s ready and tested for Oreo I’ll update this post with a link to it. But for now you’ll have to stick with Nougat

      • Gourav Kalra

        Thanks for the reply mate
        But the phone has gone very slow now and laggy also

        • Yep, that’s exactly what I had. Used it for about a week and then decided to try installing different kernel, which supposes to increate the speed. I describe it in here

          After just few hours of work it got into bootloop again and wouldn’t even go into Recovery Mode. I assume it died completely

          So I returned it to the store from where I bought it, I didn’t buy a warranty for my 6p, but they have some kind 3 years of free repair warranty for factory (applies for our case) errors

          Waiting to receive it from this repair. Suggest you check with your store if they can repair it you for free

          I’ll update this posts when get it back from repair

          • Gourav Kalra

            I am new to all this please explain me what is a kernal and if i change it will my phone go back to boot loop? And what will new kernal change in my phone? Will it wipe all the data?
            Thanks in advance
            Please help me making my device fast as am not able to even use snapchat and YouTube over it
            And my device is out of warranty and repair here for that is ₹13,000 which is alot
            Please help

          • Gourav Kalra

            And I heard tht overclocking CPU will harm my device!
            Is it safe? And my device will work fine?

          • Exactly! this is unsafe to do. I set it to max frequency and that’s what I got. But any way your phone is a brick

          • Gourav Kalra

            Google also know about this issue with their phones but still doesn’t comes up with any solution.😢 Waste of money

          • I just wrote about what I did extra after using it for a week and having it as slow as you have

            You sure checked with your store for free repair? If their price is too hight, try finding some guys who do those kind of logicboard/cpu mobile repairs in your area

            Why I’m saying so is because my phone died almost after I installed new kernel, so I can’t recommend it as confirmed solution to speed it up

            Lot’s of people don’t even mention that their phone is piece of cr*p after disabling 4 cores. Let me get my phone from repair and then I’ll tell you if that repair is worth

            I still recommend you finding somebody to repair your phone’s hardware, because it’s still quite a good phone for 2017

          • Gourav Kalra

            Yes, i tried finding people who do such work but nexus 6p is not much popular here so nobody had its parts.
            Also i tried finding new board for it online but i didn’t find any in my area. I just need a new board rest i can replace it. So repair option is totally not available for me🙁 and service centre repair is very expensive. I just lost my phone while it was lying on my couch ₹42,000 turned into ₹0

          • Hold on, by “lost” you mean it went to bootloop?

            Yeah, that sucks. Don’t rush, try to find some ways to get this logicboard, watch vids online on how to hardware-fix-it

            And only later if nothing works out – installing this kernel as a final resort, cuz most likely it will just harm your phone even more

          • Gourav Kalra

            Yaah i mean when it went to bootloop.
            There is no way i ll get a new board
            And i will not install a new kernal as that will be risky
            What i ll do is just rip this phone in my drawer and buy something new

          • Gourav Kalra

            Thanks for helping at every level mate💯

          • yeah, there’s some really cheap Chinese phones out there with great performance for like $100

          • Gourav Kalra

            Yaah there are many but not with good cameras

          • Sure, bro!

      • Tarun

        I am using the 4 core patch with Oreo on my 6p and it is working fine. The phone doesn’t seem all that slow either. There is an Oreo4cores.img file on xda which I used.

  • bbenjo

    Hi Ihor, how are you? I follow your video… I unlocked my nexus 6P with the fan and i was just in time to unlock the OEM !!! I flashed the phone and now when it’s booting i always have the message ” Your device software can’t be checked corruption …. ” and i can’t acces to the no command boot to check my version of android. My last. My last upgrade is from november 2017. Now my pc doesn’t recognize my nexus, before it did.
    any idea?

    • Hi great, thanks. “Your device software can’t be checked corruption …. ” – is a shown because you unlocked OEM, which is totally fine

      So you couldn’t even get to Step 6?

      • bbenjo

        my phone remains blocked on “Your device software can’t be checked corruption …. “

        • So power button + vol down doesn’t do anything even?

          • bbenjo

            power button + vol down give me the boot menu where it is written it’s unlocked but when i do recovery i always have google and the “Your device software can’t be checked corruption …. ” even when i continue with the other steps and then i’m booting i always have “Your device software can’t be checked corruption …. “

          • Seems your phone is dead for good. Take it to repairs