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My First Year Of Blogging


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Hurray! Around this time last year, I launched this blog. And a bit later – YouTube channel. I hope I helped somebody here in one way or another and here’s a story of why I’m doing it and how I got started

How I Started

So before I had any Android development job – I was working on my app, which is available on PlayStore. Because I knew – it would be very hard to get a job, since I didn’t have a computer science degree, nor any experience of working for companies. This app was a proof of me knowing my shit

Around that time I saw John Sonmez talking about how basically blogging was the first thing that led him to free life. Not working for anybody, of course

Since I didn’t have a job – I had a bunch of time which I spent learning Android and decided to write few posts which I published on Medium. Simple, free. If you want to try what blogging is – try wring few posts there. It was fun, but I felt like had nothing else to say, nor did I know much, so I didn’t write more

Now I know – it doesn’t matter how much you know, once you learned something – you already know more than somebody

Launching a Blog

So about 8 months later, I was working as an Android developer already and totally lost any interest in learning in my spare time. And one day I got an email from John titled something like

“Stop fucking around and start your blog”

And again, I couldn’t get a better job, so I decided – I needed some kind of proof of me knowing my shit again. Just to get a better job. Super hyped I bought this great course

Here’s a thing about human psychology – we don’t value what we get for free. Only what we paid for

Why am I talking about it? Because we all know about the biggest struggles for us: commitment, dedication, persistence

All the stuff about how to start a blog, tips etc you can find for free on the internet. So you start a free WordPress blog, write for 3 months, lose the interest and give in. Because you will

But when I buy something for money, I kind of make a pact with myself – this product should at least bring its value back and make me much more. That’s one of the reasons I buy courses from which I want to grow, rather than downloading them for free

Blogging Reasons

So when I first started blogging I had like a great unknown in from of me, tons of topics, very exciting. Topics I knew nothing about and since I wasn’t learning much about Android development at work – blogging was my primary source of growth as an Android developer

And I can tell you, after just two months of blogging (3 posts per week) basically, every topic was completely new to me. I was literally learning stuff hours before I was writing about it, I leaned like hell. In those 2 months of blogging, I learned more than in previous 6 months of full-time job

So if you want to become an Android developer – start blogging. I mean right after around 2 weeks of learning – start blogging. Pick a new topic every time, start from basics. And trust me, in fear of making yourself a complete fool by writing worst blog posts ever – you will learn stuff so quickly, to make better posts

How To Start

Alright, hope you find my story somewhat interesting. If you’re living in the middle of nowhere and there’s no Android or any kind of programmers around – it’s kind of hard to be motivated and grow.

Blogging is the biggest growth¬†booster I’ve ever known

Also, I want to hear your stories. Are you a beginner/not? Do you feel like learned all you need to know about Android development/how much more time do you think it will take you to become a “pro”?

  • Andres Garcia

    YAAYYYY !!!
    Keep up with the great work man !!
    Cheers from New Zealand !

    • Thanks, mate!!

    • Btw, have you seen my post about how you can have different versions of the app installed easily? If so – did you find it useful?