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How To Verify Domain Ownership for Google

Recently I had an issue with Google Cloud domain/site ownership verification and decided to put something out if anybody else has the same problem

If you’re getting “You are not an authorized owner of the domain for this certificate” when uploading new SSL to Google Cloud – you haven’t verified yourself as a domain owner for Google

You can see that when you open Google Cloud/App Engine/Settings/Custom Domains and hover over delete button of one of them

verify domain ownership google

Webmaster Central

You can see all verified properties there. If you don’t have any and need to verify yourself as a domain owner – click ADD PROPERTY and select Domain owner provider, if you don’t see your provider there – click other

verify domain ownership google

Then just add google-site-verification=… to your domain name DNS as it says in the instruction. If you’re not sure how to do it – check with your domain name provider tutorials

After you’ve put this TEXT property to your DNS, you can click VERIFY. You don’t need to wait for 24 hours. If it failed – check if your TEXT property is live here

verify domain ownership google

If google-site… is there and Google verification failed – it means that Google used cached DNS, you can flush it manually for your domain here

verify domain ownership googleAnd after that try to verify your domain name in Webmaster again. It should pass now. And you should see something like that

verify domain ownership google

Domain name/Site verification

But what if you already had a property in your Webmaster Central. Something like or and you think that you’re already verified as domain owner for Google. You’re not

As you see from the screenshot above – there’re many types of variation. It could be clear for some or not, but depending on the type you choose – you have a different type of verification. If you choose domain provider – you’ll be verified domain owner. If you choose HTML tag or something else – just a site owner

So in your case, you might need to delete your current properties, because they’re verified with a different type other than domain provider. And then go through the step above

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Hope you found it useful

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