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Awesome Android RecyclerView Library

simplest android recyclerview library

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Integrating RecyclerView isn’t hard. But there’s features that you need to implement yourself: pagination (load more, display ProgressBar as a footer), nothing found text and initial load ProgressBar. Those are really common, although easy to implement – you can end up ether copy/pasting from your previous projects or worse – rewriting from scratch, because it’s so easy to implement. Ether of those options aren’t great, let’s find a library that can do all that

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Android RecyclerView with Data Binding Library

android recyclerview data binding

Hello there, in this post we’ll look at the Android Data Binding Library which we’re all excited about and implement a RecyclerView Adapter with it. Since there’s not so many resources and samples on the web I think that for some of you this post would be very useful and interesting. So let’s get to it. Continue reading Android RecyclerView with Data Binding Library