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Android Record Audio

Android Record Audio

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about making a calling app for a long time and now is the time to start making it! It has a few steps: record audio, send, receive, play it. Today we’re going to build first one. And I think you cannot really call yourself a mobile developer if you don’t know how to implement the key features on mobile – audio/video calls. That’s really cool stuff, if you’re exited, then let’s get started!

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Rest (API) with Android Data Binding

Android Rest api with data binding

Hey guys, in previous post we looked at the basics of Android Data Binding and how to write less with it. Yes, Data Binding, amazing, you save time, no need to write bunch of boiler plate Java code. All sounds great in theory, but we don’t apply it. Especially on demo apps where Data Binding only ads extra overhead, does not save you time. After that experience you think, yes, great, but.. All because of old habits.  It’s easier to stick with them. But today I will show how much you will benefit from Data Binding on a real project.

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Android change colors with Palette

Android Color Palette

Do you feel bored of the same color scheme across the app? It has been like this since the very beginning and you have no other choice but stick with it. Because it’s a brand color, right? But currently many apps have neutral white/grey colors. Those could not be technically be brand colors, are they? Hi, my name is Ihor and today we’re going to make our app look amazing with Android Palette

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Android Advanced Circular Reveal

Android Advanced Circular Reveal

Hi, in my previous post we looked at the basic reveal effect which we applied to view. Though it looks great and makes your app look fresh we still need a lot more to make a cool material look. In this post we’ll use the skills that we learned before and make more advanced view animations. We’ll animate views, scratch them, change their shapes to guide users and make our app look amazing.

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Building immersive Android apps

Android Immersive apps

Let’s continue talking about the appearance part of Android apps. Super inspired by the Plaid app by Nick Butcher and all the immersive feeling around it I want to build apps like that. Let’s make apps look amazing by using as much screen as possible and removing all unnecessary controls in this post!

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Android Circular Reveal Basics

Android making app look material

Hey guys, today we’re gonna continue to make our app look awesome as much as your imagination can go! And one of the cool things that I love and super exited about is Circular Reveal. This color switch is just so amazing and beautiful I want to put it everywhere. So let’s make our apps look better with Circular Reveal!

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Android icon animations

Android Icon Animations

It’s unbelievable how much do most of the Android apps miss out on animations. In particular – icon animations. Once you see an app that utilizes animation in an amazing way you can’t go back. Of course I’m talking about the Plaid app by Nick Butcher. The first time I saw it I was amazed. There’s so much thinking was spent into designing every single piece of it. And yes, as you guessed, today we’re going to look at just a little part of making an Ultimate Android App – icon animations. Exited already? Let’s get started!

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Why you should switch to Android ConstraintLayout

Android ConstraintLayout

Hey there, today we’re going to look at Android ConstraintLayout. It was introduced in Android Studio 2.2 and if I got it right, you can use design-only mode (no XML) involved to build beautiful responsive layouts. And that’s what we’re gonna find out today: is it easier, faster to build apps with ConstraintLayout. And what’s by no means less important – does it perform better?

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