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Git Tutorial. Top Commands Explained Easy

Have you been using Git for a while, but only via IDE’s interface and feel like by this time you should know some more commands or just interested about what’s happening under the hood? Or you just switch platforms often and don’t want to learn new interface to do the same things you’ve been doing in other IDE’s? Then welcome, we’re going to talk about the basic Git commands you should know

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Start Writing Libraries!

How’s it going y’all? In my previous post I talked about great advantages that your own library gives you on BinTray. Once you realize that you copy paste your previous code time and time again or even worse – just write the same functions all over again, you should consider using a library.

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Write less with Android Data Binding

Hey there, in my previous post we looked at the main two approaches with Data Binding. While first approach was very familiar to us, but after a while you get bored of it and want something more fancy.  How to actually write the next level progressive code with Data Binding? In this post we’ll find out is it worth to actually learn how to use Data Binding. And most of all, can you write less with it and get results faster. So let’s get started.

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Save your time with Android Templates

If you use Data Binding library in every new project you create and sick of repeating yourself by writing the same boiler plate code again and again and wander why it’s not enabled by default, then you’re like me and today I will talk about how to make IDE do the work for you!

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Android RecyclerView with Data Binding Library

Hello there, in this post we’ll look at the Android Data Binding Library which we’re all excited about and implement a RecyclerView Adapter with it. Since there’s not so many resources and samples on the web I think that for some of you this post would be very useful and interesting. So let’s get to it.

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Welcome to My Hexaville

Who I am

As a self-taught developer I acknowledge the tremendous amount of work by your own that you have to do. Nobody’s going to push you forward, if you give up,  nobody will motivate you. Some guys don’t even have any programmers in their friend circle, which is weird, right? There’s programmers everywhere! And I feel a great enthusiasm from people who don’t have a Computer Science degree, but have some deep thoughts about switching to software development, when I tell them my story. They see themselves, realizing it’s actually POSSIBLE

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