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Why Nobody Hires You

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Are you computer science student or self-taught programmer? Or maybe you employed developer, ether way you probably experienced difficulties finding first job or next one and one after that. Let’s try to figure out why this happens

First Job

We’ve all experienced that or will. You’ve been writing code for few years, wrote few applications: whether it’s mobile or web. Started to feel confident about your skills or maybe you graduated from university. Let’s get a job you say. First of all, I can’t say from CS graduate perspective, I’ve never been one, as a self-taught programmer I was pretty confident about my skills when started looking for first job. I had a cool app released and many on GitHub.

Didn’t expect finding job to be easy, but it felt like hitting a wall. Nobody really cares about apps I developed. There weren’t many internship ads up there, so I applied for all the full-time job I could find, even non-Android related. Got few interviews, plus I applied only for English speaking jobs in a non-English speaking country, total disaster.

Percent of first interviews I was getting to number of ads I applied was less than about 5%. And there’s not just one interview to pass, it’s about 3-4 different ones

Job Ads

Let’s see at the first problem: job ads. They all seem so nice. I like to draw job ads analogy to a hot chick in a bar. Do you think ads have any problems with lack of applicants? Nope. I bet there’s hundreds of applicants for each. And you like a nerd in glasses in that bar, even if you’re experienced developer, there’s still bunch of dudes like you. Remember Hitch movie? And what if ad is just a formality for company and they were never looking for applicants outside the company, they already got him. Who knows


If you’re using LinkedIn, you know those guys probably. They definitely doing a great job, not to offend anybody, they bring you closer to getting a job than just you applying for ads. Just to clear up one misconception: recruiters don’t actually represent companies as far as I understand. Yes, they might send you a message with just one job position which would feel like this company wants you and wants you to apply for it so that they hire you. Nope.

I bet there’s dozens or hundreds of people they send those messages to. And they could arrange a first interview for you, but his doesn’t bring you any closer to getting a job unless you have few years of experience. Better 7.


Here’s the solution. Just become a better developer: ninja, guru, expert, whatever, right? And I was so surprised when learned about a story of a guy called John Sonmez. So he starts his career at HP as a C++ developer in California, He has few ears of experience. He’s like in the top list of TopCoder and he struggles to find a job for three months. And he looks all over the states, not in just one town.

I don’t have 10 years of experience, but from what I feel is that 95% of my skills I had before any job. And I learned hell of a lot during jobs, it’s just that ‘years of experience’ stuff is so overrated. I feel like if you stick to some job in a random company for 3 years and not do any coding/learning after work, a guy with 3 months of experience who spends time after work will know more stuff than you do


So if it’s a first job for you and you struggle to find one for more than 2 weeks I suggest quit it. Because after few weeks of search you get so desperate that send applications everywhere and this doesn’t help.

What I suggest for first job is finding small startups with teams about 3 developers where you can talk to CEO directly. This is not a standard approach and you don’t wanna be like everybody else. And even if you’re half as productive as any other developer they will definitely benefit from you!

Of course it depends on your location, but I’m sure that most of the people experienced and will. Job search itself puts you in an inferior position at the first place. Companies got all the leverage


Alright, hope it was helpful, tell me how it was for you to find a first job, how much time you spent, was it in your specialization or you had to switch from your preference? Don’t forget to subscribe, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and share with friends if you think they will benefit it

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