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Programming Myths You Gotta Be Smart

programming myths

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That’s one of the most common myths about programming along with ‘math’ one. How close to truth is it or where does it even come from? Let’s try to figure out.

Smart Myth

And surprise! In most cases it comes from within, if you’re reading this, then you probably already know how to code. But there was a time, maybe not that long ago, where programming might seemed something so hard and what takes so much brains.

False. Not in this century, certainly. It’s always like this with things that utterly different from your activities. Like playing guitar. Ooh, you need to know the notes first. Like it’s a big deal – there’s just 7 of them and they repeat over and over again. And tabs are for different notes.

Same with programming, that’s why they came up with Hello World programs probably. To show how simple it is to get started. Plus with the open source community you don’t even have to invent anything new. It’s just like LEGO, you have your building blocks and build what you want with them.


This one comes from more observational sources. There’s always math standing next to programming in university courses, especially in university admission tests. Just like with any other engineering occupation. But how much math is there?

For the most part it’s just 1st grade math. If you’re using libraries all the time – that’s all you need to know. If decide to go for game dev or creating something by yourself, you’ll use some 5-9 grade math, but never something complicated. Just single formulas which you can google in minutes.

And that’s 99% of the jobs up there. Have I regretted I’ve never been an A student in math? Maybe sometimes, but knowing how brains work, you always forget what you don’t use. Which means all that school knowledge will go if you don’t use it. Plus we have Google for that

It Takes Time

One more myth is that it takes bunch of time to become a programmer. Five years in university, hence. Maybe that’s why some people don’t put all the effort to get it faster, it takes time, right?

So why does nobody tells you that you can become a programmer in just a year and get a job after? Well some do, like those amazing guys at Udacity. And make bunch of money, money by doing what you like

Let’s put it this way, if you’ve been doing programming for one year and can’t get a job or still feel insecure about applying for one, then you’re doing something wrong. You don’t need to know 10 languages and 5 platforms, it takes just one. And for this one it will take you max 6 months to be good enough at it and 3 more to learn a language first.

By they way, I didn’t mention anything about degree. You need 5 years of degree for anything you wanna be doing in life. Yeah, sure!

That’s my take on things – do it fast, put all in and receive results this year already. Next posts are gonna be technical I promise. Don’t forget to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and share with friends if you think they will benefit from it!

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