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Why It’s OK to Ask Questions

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I often see many programmers tend to have lack of communication when solving problems. They try to solve the problem without letting anybody know what he’s coping with. I think it’s destructive for a team and here’s why


So here’s the common situation that could happen few times per week or maybe even every day. Developer faces a bug or any other problem, doesn’t talk to anybody about it, Googles the issue, looks on Stack. In best case scenario he finds solution fast, but half of the time it could take up to an hour or more to solve just one issue.

Depends on build speed, in situations like this you build frequently, machine gets slower and slower which makes you fixing this bug even slower.


So I think there’s few reasons why programmer don’t like to talk about the bugs they face. First one – we want to look smarter than we are. Ether that you know how to solve every bug out there or that even if you haven’t faced this bug – you can find solution yourself.

Or maybe you want to solve every problem yourself, to get all the credit

I think it rather comes from insecurity, than confidence in your skills. Lot’s of programmers feel insecure about their skills, being not good enough, not knowing enough, not having enough ‘years of experience’.

In the industry where there’s some radical changes almost every quarter it’s OK to don’t know some stuff. You need to be ether obsessed with programming and learn at your free time or spend good amount of working hours learning stuff.

Team First

So what happens when you try to be on your own, stay cool and solve all the problems by yourself? As from the company perspective – you can waste hours of working time solving the problem that some other developer knows how to solve already.

Even in the worst case when nobody knows how to solve it – communicating and talking through the problem helps to improve the speed

And if you get the response kind of like

Phh, don’t you know how to solve it?

It could be rather in face expression than verbal – I wouldn’t stay in that team for any longer in such a toxic environment. Of course it depends on your situation

Communication Rocks

Although our work is to type stuff into computer, I believe communication is not only beneficial for company, but for you as well. Obviously software development – is the industry where you can learn everything without talking to anybody. Sure, it depends on the project scale.

But your learning process could be so much faster if you talk to other developers. There’s no person alike, so you’ll learn some stuff from him, get a different perspective

And it comes not only for bug fixing, but for implementing new features as well. Remember those vanilla phrases

We’re actually save time here

When referring to meetings?” It’s so true, because until you actually face the consequences of poor communication – you never know how much time you save


Thanks for reading, let me know if you experienced this before, feel like doing so yourself and what your thoughts about it


About the Author Ihor Klimov

Formerly an Android developer, lately picked up some Flutter. This blog is everything that I find exciting about Android and Flutter development. Stay tuned and hope to see you again!