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Android Provider Authority Conflict

Recently I faced an interesting bug which most of you might’ve never heard of. Android does not allow to have a provider with the same authority installed on different apps

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Android XML Namespaces

android xml namespaces

So I wanted to write about a common XML mistake/unnecessary stuff that you can see sometimes

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Best Android Launcher

best android launcher

Designed by Freepik

One of the most popular Android launchers are default Google Now and Nova, and I found a launcher that’s way better in experience than those two!

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Android Bundle, Parcelable, Parcel

android bundle

Let’s look at Android Bundle class and how it works. It has a pretty easy api, but how does it actually work under the hood?

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Android 1. How It All Started

android 1

Next year it will be 10 years since first official release of first Android phone and we’ve recently got an Android O preview. So let’s look at the very beginning of the path

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Android Development Language Choice

android development language

We all know that Java is the language that’s been around with Android for almost a decade. Until the last few moths it was Java 6 for the most part, which is pretty old version. It says Java 7, but there were features missing. And this language was release in 2006. Long time ago

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Android Notification Channels

android notification channels


There’s some changes to Notification in new Android O release. Now each notification goes into its channel. And your notifications won’t work if you don’t use them and have target sdk 26

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Android Instant Apps

android instant apps

Designed by Freepik

If you remember 2016’s last year’s Google I/O, they introduced Android Instant Apps there. I remember it was Angry Birds already using it and some more apps. Apparently all this time it was one by one companies using it in some closed way. Finally, it’s public and we all can build Instant App right now!

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Android MultiDex

Now probably most of the apps have 65k+ methods, which means we need to use multidex, but what is it and why we might still get some weird errors. Let’s take a closer look at Android MultiDex

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Android ProGuard Tips

android proguard

Designed by Freepik

So we all use ProGuard for our release builds, because it’s enabled by default, but what is it and how it works? Let’s see at the core principles and one of the most common customization of rules.

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