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Android Login Screen Animations Update

A while ago I put out an implementation of one cool login scrren design. It was a quick mock implementation, but I saw some people actually wanting to use it, so here’re few updates to make it at least somehow usable

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Android Animated Vector Drawable Animations

Hi, I saw this cool design and decided to implement the most interesting thing there – medical bot typing indicator. I like the final screen as well. Probably will make it in the next post. Let’s get to it!

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Android Animated Colors

android animated colors

I want to show an example of animating colors. I used it once for one of my app’s intro pages background. Let’ get started!

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Android Popup With Activities

android popup
Designed by Freepik

I love implementing designs and here’s what we have today. Filter popup. Let’s do this

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Advanced Vector Path Animations with Shape Shifter

advanced vector path animations

Hi, I think animations are one of the coolest parts of Android development and animating icons is something really small, short, but you can have fun with them.

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FallOut-like Android Overlay Prank

android overlay prank

Hi, I found a beautiful app by some Norway game developers, which isn’t a game, but open source. And there were quite a few cool things about it – one of them is noise. So I decided to use that element and make a FallOut-like overlay prank or call it whatever you want

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Android Animated Status Bar Color

android animated status bar color

Designed by Freepik

Hi, I got few ideas about animating status bar color change, you can do it within one activity or as activity transition. Let’s see what I got here.

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Android ConstraintLayout ConstraintSet

android constraintlayout constraintsetDesigned by Freepik

 Hi, just watched a I/O talk about ConstraintLayout and learned some interesting stuff that I want to share. If you’re not familiar with ConstraintLayout, check this series of posts first.

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Android Amazing Tic Tac Toe pt2

andorid tic tac toe animations


Hi, in this part a have lot’s of stuff done. In the previous part we looked at how to animate shape drawing with Canvas. Let’s take a look at current version

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Android Amazing TicTacToe pt 1

android tic tac toe


Hi, continuing the idea of creating actual apps, more than just samples I decided to go with the simplest game to make on Android – TicTacToe. Let’s do it!

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