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Android Notification Channels

android notification channels


There’s some changes to Notification in new Android O release. Now each notification goes into its channel. And your notifications won’t work if you don’t use them and have target sdk 26

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Android Instant Apps

android instant apps

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If you remember 2016’s last year’s Google I/O, they introduced Android Instant Apps there. I remember it was Angry Birds already using it and some more apps. Apparently all this time it was one by one companies using it in some closed way. Finally, it’s public and we all can build Instant App right now!

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Android Architecture Components

android architecture components

Hi, as follows from the previous post about a tricky Android life cycle bug, today we’re going to look at the latest memory leakage-free solution for handling Activity life cycles. That’s the new stuff that was introduced on Google I/O – Architecture Components.

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Android In App Payments


Sooner or later you need to figure out how to monetize your app. In app purchases (freemium) is way more appealing than ugly bunners. Although Backdrops apps have an amazing ads in the flow example

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Python Selenium Scraper. Website is Your API

python selenium scraper

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Hi, sometimes there’s a website which content you want to use, but there’s no API provided. Today we’re going to look at web scraping, it’s not an Android dev, but is part of the whole thing and is a great opportunity. We’re going to look at scraping static and dynamic pages (JS generated content).

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