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What Hardware You Need For Android Development

android development hardware

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There’s nothing that affects your Android development experience like hardware. I’ve tried many configurations and want to share with you. Because if you’re hating Android development because of builds, all-consuming emulator – the following stuff is for you!

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Top 3 Worst Things About Android Development

worst things about android development

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Despite how great Android development is and how much I enjoy it over any other platforms – it has few things that I hate. Pretty sure everybody here will agree on those

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How To Convince Your Team To Switch To Kotlin

android kotlin

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Since about 10 months ago when I tried Kotlin for the first time I’ve wanted to use it 100% instead of Java. Unfortunately not everything is so simple

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Android How To Install Debug/Release Versions Simultaneously

android debug release install simultaneously

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I was thinking about sharing this tip where you can have debug/release apps installed simultaneously on your phone. It helps in few aspects, let’s look at that

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What I’ve Learned From Vue.js As An Android Developer

vue.js android developer

The company I’m working for is using Vue.js as a web frontend framework. I was taking care of implementing few features so I had to learn it. And here’s what I took from it that you can use as an Android developer

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Android Development Language Choice

android development language

We all know that Java is the language that’s been around with Android for almost a decade. Until the last few moths it was Java 6 for the most part, which is pretty old version. It says Java 7, but there were features missing. And this language was release in 2006. Long time ago

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Android Tic Tac Toe Wi-Fi Multiplayer with Firebase

This is the final part, I have even more stuff done here. Finalized single mode, added Firebase sign up, list of users, invite and actual Wi-Fi game

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Android Amazing Tic Tac Toe pt2

andorid tic tac toe animations


Hi, in this part a have lot’s of stuff done. In the previous part we looked at how to animate shape drawing with Canvas. Let’s take a look at current version

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Android Amazing TicTacToe pt 1

android tic tac toe


Hi, continuing the idea of creating actual apps, more than just samples I decided to go with the simplest game to make on Android – TicTacToe. Let’s do it!

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Android Guitar app

android guitar app


I decided to start making apps that actually do something for tutorials. This first one is going to play distorted guitar sounds from your input.

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