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Android Butterknife vs Data Binding

android butterknife vs data binding

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Let’s compare Butterknife and Data Binding libraries, which one is more advanced in 2017? If you’re not familiar with those two, in few words: they make your layout building experience better. And when comparing them I’ll go right from setting up and cover every basic aspect so you’ll learn how to use both of them!

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Rest (API) with Android Data Binding

Hey guys, in the previous post we looked at the basics of Android Data Binding and how to write less with it. Yes, Data Binding, amazing, you save time, no need to write a bunch of boilerplate Java code. All sounds great in theory, but we don’t apply it. Especially on demo apps where Data Binding only ads extra overhead, does not save you time. After that experience, you think, yes, great, but.. All because of old habits.  It’s easier to stick with them. But today I will show how much you will benefit from Data Binding on a real project.

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Write less with Android Data Binding

Hey there, in my previous post we looked at the main two approaches with Data Binding. While first approach was very familiar to us, but after a while you get bored of it and want something more fancy.  How to actually write the next level progressive code with Data Binding? In this post we’ll find out is it worth to actually learn how to use Data Binding. And most of all, can you write less with it and get results faster. So let’s get started.

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Android RecyclerView with Data Binding Library

Hello there, in this post we’ll look at the Android Data Binding Library which we’re all excited about and implement a RecyclerView Adapter with it. Since there’s not so many resources and samples on the web I think that for some of you this post would be very useful and interesting. So let’s get to it.

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