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Android Smart Image Picker Library Update

In this post I introduced a simple library to pick images and crop them if needed. An abstraction over Image Cropper library. Here’re few updates

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Android SearchView with RecyclerView

android searchview

Today I want to share the best Android SearchBar library that I’ve seen. It has the coolest design and we’ll also learn how to handle its events, search for an item in RecyclerView. Let’s get started!

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Android SimpleRecyclerView Custom View Type

android recyclerview custom viewtype

Continuing with writing SimpleRecyclerView library, a clean and easy RecyclerView library. Today’s feature is handling custom view types

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Android Simple RecyclerView New Features

 Designed by Freepik


Few posts ago I introduced a SimpleRecyclerView library which has a clean API for implementing fetch more listener, default ProgressBar footer while fetching, nothing found text. I think the result was pretty clean and I decided to keep working on this library

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Awesome Android RecyclerView Library

simplest android recyclerview library

Designed by Freepik

Integrating RecyclerView isn’t hard. But there’s features that you need to implement yourself: pagination (load more, display ProgressBar as a footer), nothing found text and initial load ProgressBar. Those are really common, although easy to implement – you can end up ether copy/pasting from your previous projects or worse – rewriting from scratch, because it’s so easy to implement. Ether of those options aren’t great, let’s find a library that can do all that

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Should You Use a Library or Implement Yourself?

library over implementing yourself

There’s many libraries out there on GitHub for Android and other platforms, in particular I want to talk about Android because that’s what I do mostly. Should you use a library or implement stuff yourself?

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Android Better Image Picker Library

andorid simplest image picker library


Hi, with Android 6.0 runtime permissions and 7.0 FileUriExpossed for camera it’s got more complex to get pictures from camera/gallery. Luckily we’ve got many great libraries that provide great abstraction. One of them is Android Image Cropper. Let’s make it better.

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Start Writing Libraries!

How’s it going y’all? In my previous post I talked about great advantages that your own library gives you on BinTray. Once you realize that you copy paste your previous code time and time again or even worse – just write the same functions all over again, you should consider using a library.

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