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Android Smarter Getter/Setter Generators

Android Smarter Code Template

Designed by Freepik

How often do you create POJO’s? You start with some fields: private String mFirstName, mAdress, mLastName… All starting with m, because you follow Android code conventions, right? You created all those fields and as a pro Intellij Idea platform user you press Alt+Insert -> Getters And Setters, selects all fields and BOOM! What a mess! Half of methods is a mess, you need to change all those names. In this post we’ll fix it. Let’s get started!

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Save your time with Android Templates

If you use Data Binding library in every new project you create and sick of repeating yourself by writing the same boiler plate code again and again and wander why it’s not enabled by default, then you’re like me and today I will talk about how to make IDE do the work for you!

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