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Android Testing pt 3.3 | Espresso Image Picker

With Espresso you can test all or most of your app. Even though you don’t need to design your app’s architecture in any specific way like with unit testing – covering codebase with Espresso is harder than it might seem like

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Android Testing pt 3.2 | Espresso Idling Resources With Firebase

Most Espresso UI verification works just as you would do yourself, but some needs extra work from you. This post is about Espresso Idling Resources

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Android Testing pt 3.1 | Espresso Tests, Automated Disabling Animations

Finally, we’ve reached the Espresso part. I’m going to show you how to test remaining part of a ChatActivity and automating disabling system animations

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Android Testing pt 2 | Instrumented MediumTests

This is the first post of us writing instrumented tests. Today we’ll work with Medium Tests

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Android Testing pt. 1.3 | Robolectric

Today we’re going to get into testing Android apps with Robolectric. This one is quite tricky, so let’s get to it

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Android Testing pt. 1.2 | Local Unit Tests With Mockito

This is the second part of the tutorial about Android local unit tests. Today we’ll learn some Mockito and what we can do with it

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Android Testing | Local Tests pt 1.1

Alright, let’s start our Android testing journey from the ground up with the very basics: local unit tests

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Android Testing Introduction | Types of Tests on Android

Hi, do you want to start writing tests for your Android apps and make them stable during constant new feature implementations? So do I! Let’s start a series about Android testing

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Why Testing Matters

android testing

Designed by Freepika

I’d never really cared about testing until I realized that I should consider every new piece of code and feature full of bugs and broken till I tested it

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Why Android Espresso UI Tests Rock

android espresso

Designed by Freepik

You’re probably familiar with Android Espresso, if not – it’s a framework for UI testing. You must’ve used jUnit before, but with it you can’t test much on Android. That’s why we have Espresso for testing actual app itself, test like a real person is using it and find bugs of course.

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