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Android Change Children Order At Runtime

I just came across an interesting code sample to arrange views at runtime, other than with Scene transition framework and found it useful to fix that ugly login screen animation logic I had before. Let’s check it out

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Android SearchView with RecyclerView

android searchview

Today I want to share the best Android SearchBar library that I’ve seen. It has the coolest design and we’ll also learn how to handle its events, search for an item in RecyclerView. Let’s get started!

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Android Animated Colors

android animated colors

I want to show an example of animating colors. I used it once for one of my app’s intro pages background. Let’ get started!

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Android RelativeLayout vs ConstraintLayout

android relativelayout vs constraintlayout

If you started Android development just recently you might not even know about RelativeLayout, because BasicActivity template goes with ConstraintLayout, but before there was a RelativeLayout. Let’s compare those two

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Android Nested LinearLayout

android nested linearlayout

Designed by Freepik

Everything or almost everything you can achieve with LinearLayout and FrameLayout. Let’s get a bit deep into LinearLayout

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Android ViewPager

android viewpager

Designed by Freepik

Android ViewPager is made for displaying multiple fragments with a swipe as a navigation across them. In this tutorial, we’re going to go through the process using ViewPager

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Android Resizable TextView

android resizable textview


How about making your TextView change its text size automatically? Finally, Android support library got this feature. Let’s look at how to do that and in what cases you should

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Android Simple RecyclerView New Features

 Designed by Freepik


Few posts ago I introduced a SimpleRecyclerView library which has a clean API for implementing fetch more listener, default ProgressBar footer while fetching, nothing found text. I think the result was pretty clean and I decided to keep working on this library

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What I’ve Learned From Vue.js As An Android Developer

vue.js android developer

The company I’m working for is using Vue.js as a web frontend framework. I was taking care of implementing few features so I had to learn it. And here’s what I took from it that you can use as an Android developer

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Android XML Namespaces

android xml namespaces

So I wanted to write about a common XML mistake/unnecessary stuff that you can see sometimes

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