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Android Firebase Geofire Performance

android firebase geofire perfomance

Designed by Freepik

Android Firebase Geofire is a library for searching by location with Firebase. Let’s learn about how it actually performs for real life applications and if it’s good enough

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How Environment Shapes Who You Are

environment shapes

Designed by Freepik

It’s hard to see a difference when living in the same environment, same town talking to same group of people. I found this leading nowhere unless you’re satisfied living like you do now

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Android Record Audio

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about making a calling app for a long time and now is the time to start making it! It has a few steps: record audio, send, receive, play it. Today we’re going to build the first one. And I think you cannot really call yourself a mobile developer if you don’t know how to implement the key features on mobile – audio/video calls. That’s really cool stuff, if you’re excited, then let’s get started!

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Building immersive Android apps

Let’s continue talking about the appearance part of Android apps. Super inspired by the Plaid app by Nick Butcher and all the immersive feeling around it I want to build apps like that. Let’s make apps look amazing by using as much screen as possible and removing all unnecessary controls in this post!

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Android Circular Reveal Basics

Hey guys, today we’re gonna continue to make our app look awesome as much as your imagination can go! And one of the cool things that I love and super excited about is Circular Reveal. This color swatch is just so amazing and beautiful I want to put it everywhere. So let’s make our apps look better with Circular Reveal!

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Android icon animations

It’s unbelievable how much do most of the Android apps miss out on animations. In particular – icon animations. Once you see an app that utilizes animation in an amazing way you can’t go back. Of course I’m talking about the Plaid app by Nick Butcher. The first time I saw it I was amazed. There’s so much thinking was spent into designing every single piece of it. And yes, as you guessed, today we’re going to look at just a little part of making an Ultimate Android App – icon animations. Exited already? Let’s get started!

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Welcome to My Hexaville

Who I am

As a self-taught developer I acknowledge the tremendous amount of work by your own that you have to do. Nobody’s going to push you forward, if you give up,  nobody will motivate you. Some guys don’t even have any programmers in their friend circle, which is weird, right? There’s programmers everywhere! And I feel a great enthusiasm from people who don’t have a Computer Science degree, but have some deep thoughts about switching to software development, when I tell them my story. They see themselves, realizing it’s actually POSSIBLE

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