Here’s some resources that I’m using and recommend


Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition

Got a new mic, not that expensive, quality is amazing compare to one I used from my headset before. It has 4 modes: Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional. First is for vocals,  I use Cardioid for recording screencasts. Then there’s a modes for conferences and interviews.

One thing I like about it is you can connect your headset with mini jack to it and hear yourself while recording.


I don’t like reading books too much, it just takes me so much time. At least feels so. I prefer to listen to audio books. But there’s some awesome books about software that I believe every developer should read. Plus I don’t imagine how it’s possible to listen to code samples

One of them is Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. If you read books about software, most of them like: is it over yet? Is it over now? Because you have to get achievement: ‘read it’. They truly boring. Not this one. It’s written in such a light language that reading it is easy. Plus Uncle Bob is such a charismatic person, you wouldn’t expect something dry and boring from him. Love his videos. Really recommend you get this book ASAP if you haven’t read it yet

Audio Books

There’s a great service up there called Audible. They have the best narrators, all the books you want – you can find there. Their Android app has convenient 30 secs back/forward. You can download whole book and listen later offline. And it always remembers where you stopped. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks. As link says, you can get a free 30 days trial and get two books for free.

Also even if you’re not going to continue with payed membership after trial, I will still get some money for you signing up for free trial, so I do appreciate you doing so. Try it now for free, it’s truly the best audio book service up there!


Having a free hosted site is fine for first time, but you have close to none control over it. Bluehost offers a great service. You get WordPress installed with just one click and automatic updates, 24/7 support and FREE domain. Sign up for a limited offer and get it half the price NOW!

I use it myself and highly recommend. Those are affiliate links, so if you sign up with them I’ll get some omission with no extra charge for you